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Postcard of William Furmston

Brief description

Black and white postcard, undated, taken by James Bishop of Ramsgate. Presumably shows William Furmston, c1930s

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Content description

Image details a gentleman wearing a floppy light-coloured hat, glasses and a short tie.

Content place

Skittles Inn
The Peoples House

Curator's comments

Part of a collection relating to W.G. Furmston. William George Furmston, aka "Old Bill", was born 1869 and moved to Letchworth in 1904 with his wife Elizabeth (nee Foad) (died 1947). He claimed to be the 18th garden citizen. He and his wife had eleven children; their son Howard was the 1st boy to be born in LGC. From 1907 until its closure in 1924, Old Bill was Landlord of The Skittles Inn. In 1924 he became manager of its successor, The People's House, until his death in 1950. He was also a local politician. He was first elected to Letchworth Urban District Council in 1919, and retired in 1947. In the elections of 1928, 1931, 1934 & 1937, he came top of the poll. He always stood for the Labour Party and was a vegetarian, teetotaller & non-smoker.

Associated persons

Furmston, William G. Mr
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