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Winner of First Prize in Class 1 Cottage of the 1905 Cheap Cottage Competition

Brief description

B/W postcard title 'Detached Cottage, No. 14.' depicting entry number 14 in the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition, 217 Icknield Way. The postcard is stamped in purple with the words: 'THIS COTTAGE/ HAS BEEN AWARDED/ A PRIZE OF £100' (some characters are missing). The cottage was commissioned by Green Brothers, Withington, near Chesterfield, and the architect was Percy Houfton, Furnival Chambers, Chesterfield. They won first prize in Class 1 of the competition. A gentleman is standing in the doorway of the cottage and there is a garden roller to the right. Not inscribed on reverse or postally used. Most probably taken at the time of the competition.

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Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

Content place

217 Icknield Way
Icknield Way

Associated persons

Houfton, Percy

Associated organisations

Green Brothers
image LBM635

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