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Photograph of Ebenezer Howard sitting for his portrait bust

Brief description

Sepia photograph, probably posed, of Ebenezer Howard beside his portrait bust, with the artist Ivy Ruth Young. The bust, which is part of the Garden City Collection, is dated 1926, but this may have been a publicity photograph for the inclusion of the bust in the 1927 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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Content description

The artist wears a smock-style overall and holds a pen as if she is about to write something.To the rear and the right side of the photograph are some reduced-size classical style figures and the whole of background is covered in curtains and clothes.


Print found among papers in "Sir Ebenezers Howard's 'o Trunk [?]" Miss Ivy Young, with bust of E H, probably taken in her workshop-studio in Welwyn Garden City in 1927. Bust was shown in Royal Academy in 1927. (signed) [?] 9/63

Associated persons

Young, Ivy R.

Associated organisations

Ebenezer Howard
image LBM4067.15

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