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Nevells Road, 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition

Brief description

Photograph, sepia tint, of Exhibition Road, now Nevells Road during the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition with the rarely captured sight of people walking around the street and viewing the houses. Mounted with LBM2223.1 and 3 on a paper sheet (Similar to LBM2223.4-6 and LBM1146.1-3 all mounted on paper with "Neg" written on them in pencil in the same hand in the paper margins. LBM2223.1-3 are very similar to photographs of the CCE exhibition in the Brunt photo album - are these other copies from negs somewhere?VR)

Object name


Content object


Content activity

street scene

Content event

Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

Content place

Nevells Road
image LBM2223.2

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