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Sepia tint photograph entry number 16 in the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition, now 219 Icknield Way; the cottage was designed by Stanley Barrett and Driver. See also 737.123 which shows the view on the other side of the kitchen (it was dual aspect). It is highly likely that this photograph is contemporary to the exhibition and was taken by T Latchmore of Hitchin from whom we believe Donald Brunt received a number of photographs including 'the Brunt Album' FGCHM868.

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Production person

Brunt, Donald W

Content object


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Content event

Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

Content place

219 Icknield Way
Icknield Way

Associated persons

Brunt, Donald W
Brunt, A. W. Mr
image FGCHM 737.271

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