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Cheap Cottage Floorplan of 219 Icknield Way

Brief description

B/W postcard with text 'Letchworth Garden City Competition/ Cottage Number 16/ Net Cost £210/ first floor plan/ ground floor plan/ Stanley-Barrett and Driver Architects 23 York Place, Baker Street, London', shows photograph of cottage plus drawings of ground floor and first floor plans. Stamped on reverse "William Seymour and Son, Builders etc., Hitchin, Herts.", not postally used or inscribed. Entry no.16 in the 1905 Cheap Cottages Exhibition and is now 219 Icknield Way. The photograph in the postcard is probably contemporary

Object name


Production date


Content event

Cheap Cottages Exhibition 1905

Content place

219 Icknield Way
Icknield Way

Associated organisations

Stanley Barrett and Driver
image FGCHM 349.41

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