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Spirella anniversary

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Digital accession, scanned from the original sepia tint photographic postcard, which shows the Spirella building/ factory with the fountain in the foreground. The building is decorated with flags. In front of the fountain to the left is Mr Leakey in a wheelchair with someone holding the wheelchair. To the right are two men stood by a microphone with their backs to the camera - the one on the left may be J.H. Moore. The occassion is probably the 21st anniversary celebrations in 1931. The back of the postcard has also been scanned and has a handwritten note reading 'Mr Leakey in wheelchair - one of first directors'. Part of a collection of items relating to the history of the Silver - Lowry family. See documentation tab for scanned family history (FGCHM 2011.61.1).

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Spirella Factory

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