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Photograph of Westbury School Christmas party

Brief description

Black and white photograph of a Westbury School Christmas party, 1948.

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Content description

Children sat and stood round 3 tables. Some of the children are wearing paper hats. A teacher wearing a paper hat stands on the far left of the photo. Below the photograph is written 'Christmas 1948' in black ink. Verso is written 'Westbury Infants Christmas Party 1948'. Identified pupils are Thurza Admans, Veronica Nott, Hamish McAllion?, Mary Cruse (granddaughter of architect Crickmer), Ann Hewitt?, Michael Tansley, Cynthia Marsh?, Josephine Underwood?, Jennifer Powell.

Content activity

Christmas party

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Content place

Westbury School

Associated organisations

Westbury School
image FGCHM 2009.57.22
image FGCHM 2009.57.22 annotated
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