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Photograph from Spirella Corsetry Conference - 1931

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Black and white photograph showing ladies and girls on the stage in the Spirella Assembly Hall.

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There are 8 ladies in various types of period dress ranging from 1910 to 1931. Also there is a little girl in a dress with a large letter "S" on the front. To the right of the photo is a girl dressed as a hotel bell hop boy. The ladies are holding shields mounted on sticks signifying the year from which they came. At the front of the stage can be seen 3 raised podiums. Written above this photo in white ink is "Corsetry Conference - Aug 1931". More photos and the full story can be found in the Spirella Monthly Book Vol. XX 1931 on pages 129-144.

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August 1931

Content event

21st anniversary

Content place

assembly hall
image FGCHM 100.249.17

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