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Wembley Exhibition 1924

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Black & white photo showing the Spirella Stand at the Wembley Exhibition in 1924. The stand is on a raised plinth and shows 2 ladies modelling corsets as well as a mannequin in a corset. The banner across the top of stand says "Spirella Corsets" in large font and on either side there is "The corsets that have a "reason why"" and "sold exclusively through trained corsetieres". The stand number is H279. On the stand there are various sized posters, easels and tables. There is a small cabinet displaying various parts of the Spirella corset and one an easel is a frame showing all the various awards they have received. On the left of the photo is a tall mirror and a striped screen. Below the photo written in white ink is "Wembley Exhibition - 1924". This photo and full story can be found in the Spirella Monthly Book Vol. XIII. 1924 on pages 81-89

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