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Photograph of Spirella Decade Club Reunion 1929

Brief description

Black and white photograph showing Mr W.W. Kincaid addressing people outside by a river.

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Content description

Mr W.W. Kincaid standing by a wooden table with a white hat underneath it. There are people sitting in the background and and notable people sitting to the right. Those recognised are James Leakey, Mr J.W. Cole, Mr A.L. Peterson, Mr Basil Leakey, Mr G. McGraw, Mr W.H. Marriott and Mr J.H. Moore. Also in shot are a young boy. This photo is similar to 100.249.119 & 120. Written in white ink at the bottom of the photo is "British Spirella Decade Celebration May 25. 1929."

Content activity

Decade Club

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Associated persons

Kincaid, W. W.
Peterson, Arthur Le Roy
Leakey, James
Moore, Joseph Howard
Cole, John William
Leakey, Basil F.
image FGCHM 100.249.122

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