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A photograph of employees including J. H. Moore outside one of the original Spirella Workshops.

Brief description

A black and white group photograph of the Spirella employees outside one of the original Spirella workshops.

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A large informal group of thirty eight in a good mood, several are laughing. There are three rows, the back row stand, the middle row sit on chairs and in the front the people sit on the ground. Mr Moore sits on the ground to left of the group. The women are dressed in Edwardian style with full long skirts and high necked blouses, or jackets. Several wear large hats. The men wear three piece business suits although one wears a frock coat and top hat as does one of the men in a suit. The long side of the workshop forms the background for the photograph. The photograph shows wear aound the edges.

Content activity

Group photograph

Content place

Spirella Factory

Associated persons

Moore, Joseph Howard

Associated organisations

image FGCHM100.246.26

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