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The Spirella Company of Great Britain opened its first factory in Letchworth in 1910 where it temporarily based itself in The Sheds along what is now Nevells Road. Between 1912-1920 the beautiful Spirella Factory was built, opposite The Sheds, curiously away from the existing manufacturing area to the east of the railway line. The company produced corsets and other undergarments until it closed in 1989. It prided itself on the hygenic and health benefits of its product, especially the flexible patented Spirella stay. The company had a philanthropic approach to its workforce, providing health and education benefits. There was a thriving social side too, as is evident in this collection! The factory space, once named 'the Factory in a Garden' continues this day as The Spirella Building, which provides high-quality office space. It is owned and run by Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.

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