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As a new eco home project is launched at 15 Common View, we reflect upon the history of one of Letchworth Garden City's earliest streets. Designed by renowned Arts and Crafts architect Courtenay Crickmer, 9-23 Common View was built for one of Letchworth's pioneers, Miss Annie Jane Lawrence of London. Lawrence came to Letchworth to see her dream of an open-air school become a reality in the form of The Cloisters.

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation have joined forces with local and specialist partners to transform 15 Common View into a blueprint for energy efficient solid wall properties.The house is undergoing a complete refurbishment and is being fitted with measures to improve energy efficiency while protecting its historic characteristics. Once complete, detailed monitoring will be carried out on the building’s performance to see if these changes have made an impact.

The building is being fitted with Pavadry wood fibre internal wall insulation, new windows, solar PV panels, a waste water heat recovery system and a demand controlled ventilation system from Aereco. The foundation are also working with the Royal Horticultural Society to design a bio diverse garden, including wild flower beds, vegetables and the use of free-cycled materials and water butts.

The property will be tenanted by Howard Cottage Housing Association, who along with North Hertfordshire Homes, are also supplying comparator properties. Monitoring will be carried out by BRE for at least 12 months to analyse energy use and internal conditions, the performance of various design features and the experience of the property’s residents.

Work is due to be completed by mid-April and an exhibition is planned in May.

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